Angry citizens still in front of BiH institutions building in Sarajevo

Protests in SarajevoA group of citizens of Sarajevo who yesterday gathered in front of the BiH institutions building expressing dissatisfaction over the fact that newborn babies cannot get a personal identification number, reunited in the same place this morning at 10 o’clock, when it was expected for the session of the House of Representatives if the state parliament to begin.

Some of them spent the night in front of the BiH institutions.

Although the Council of Ministers yesterday issued an interim decision on establishing the registration areas for determining the Unique Master Citizen Number in BiH, the citizens did not disperse but requested legislation that would permanently solve this issue.

They called on other citizens to join them today in front of the BiH institutions, stressing the importance of resolving this problem.

The protesters, as stated, harmoniously and in solidarity require that the BiH Parliament and the Council of Ministers adopt a law on personal identification number immediately.

They also, require that the Ministry of Civil Affairs initiates the formation of the national solidarity fund for the treatment of severely ill who cannot be treated in BiH, modeled on the approach used in the countries of the region. The fund would be, they say, financed from the budget of BiH.

A protest in front of the institutions of BiH "is a plot by Bosniak parties" 
and it is a "lynch against us from RS," wrote on her twitter profile SDS representative 
in the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH Aleksandra Pandurevic. 

The protesters are also demanding that ministers in the Council of Ministers and MPs in both Houses of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the end of the mandate renounce 30 percent of their total monthly income and that the money is paid to the said fund of solidarity for the treatment of severely ill.

They require that the representatives of the Council of Ministers and the BiH Parliament demands respond in public and in front of them on these demands.
The road at Marijin Dvor that passes next to the BiH institutions building is closed to traffic.

Source: Fena

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