Ceca Raznatovic releases a new album

Ceca Raznatovic new albumSerbian folk super-star and one of the symbols of the Balkans Ceca Raznatovic releases her new album.

The name of this album is “Poziv” (`a Call`) This is her 15th studio album in career and it should be released before her concert in Usce, Belgrade, which will take place on June 28th.

There is ten songs on Ceca`s new album, just one of them is a ballad and the others are much more faster than her previous `Ljubav Zivi` (`Love Lives`) album.

New album has a symbolic name because Ceca wants to call her fans to great party in Usce on her concert. The organizers of this concert say that this will be “the most spectacular show that Serbia has ever seen“.

“There is so much work to do but I want everything to be perfect because my fans deserve it”, said Ceca.

She also said that her children had helped her with new album. “They said to me what young people like these days“, explained Ceca.

Being one of the most popular and highest paid artists in the Serbian music industry, Ceca pursues Serbian modern folk-pop-dance music: performing to various types of music, mainly Balkan/Southern European folk or plain pop with ethnographic elements.

Her fans cannot wait to see what she`s gonna present them next.

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