Fiasco of the Jelena Karleusa concert at the Belgrade Usce

One of biggest names in Balkan music Jelena Karleuša aka JK held 15.06.13. concert at the Belgrade Ušće. The concert was prepared with great care and should have been the crown of the singer’s career. But as it turned out it was too much.

Ušće (eng. the confluence) is large area that in the past was always reserved for the biggest regional stars Zdravko Čolić, Ceca and worldwide like The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Roger Waters, Slash, Faith No More, Public Enemy etz… For every entertainer is a big test because to gather a crowd of 100,000 visitors you had to be really great star with a great show.

JK team have done fantastic marketing job with professinally campaign. Another step was selection of top class technical assistant – SKY MUSIC, known as the partner of the biggest stars. Ušće concert supposed to be unpresented spectacle because production have been composed from an extra large LED displays, 3D mapping, light show, lasers, pyrotechnics, helicopter for aerial filming and so on.

But the concert was attended by much smaller audience than expected. The media speculates conflicting information, so the JK PR team reacted with a claim of 40,000 visitors, while some media claim that there were about 10,000. The sight was devastating for the singer, which was further shaken with problems with the technique. The singer was at one time promised to faithful fans 2 new concert with no charge, to be redeemed and to finally see all the spectacle that they promised. But then there was an explanation that the concerts will not be and will be held in future. Unfortunately the show that was supposed to be a musical-theatrical-technical spectacle ended like stage-technical-organizational nightmare.

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