Monica Bellucci in a new Kusturica movie

Monica Bellucci and Emir Kusturica visited Banja Luka today and met with the president of Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik.

During the visit Kusturica has announced that he would start making his new movie in May. The name of this new Kusturica movie is “Love and war” and Monica Bellucci will play the lead role in it. The movie will be produced in Trebinje, Republic of Srpska.

Monica Bellucci said she was looking forward to meet culture and people of Srpska during the producing of movie.

President Dodik said that new Kusturica movie with Monica Bellucci would mean great promotion for Srpska.

A lot of citizens of Banja Luka welcomed famous actress in front of `President`s Palace`.

After the meeting with president Dodik Monica Bellucci and Kusturica will visit Andricgrad. 

Monica Bellucci visits the region because she`ll be one of the guests of Kustendorf, international film and music festival organized by Kusturica.

Source: Mondo

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