Ratko Buturovic found dead in his hotel

Ratko Buturovic deadControversial Montenegrin businessman Ratko Buturovic is found dead in his hotel “Park” in Novi Sad, Serbia, according to Tanjug.

Serbian police will soon give more informations about this sad news.

Buturovic, also known as `Bata KanKan` was chairman of Serbian football club `Vojvodina` and the owner of many hotels in Serbia. He came to Serbia from Montenegro where he also was engaged in football-he was chairman of football club `Sutjeska`.

Well-known for his rather unconventional fashion style, Buturovic came on the Top ten insane football presidents by the famous whoateallthepiesblog.

Under his leadership Vojvodina became a serious rival to big Belgrade clubs, Partizan FC  and Red Star.



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