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RoadkillREVIEW of Roadkill – Preispituj sve, nauči nešto, odgovori ništa:

Young and unknown band Roadkill is quite surprise on Balkan music scene. Their demo called ‘Preispituj sve, nauči nešto, odgovori ništa’ (Reconsidered all, learn something, said nothing) is a home made  authentic and extremely interesting product. The album is made ​​up of 13 songs, a little bit surprising for the first album, it seams to me that boys have a surplus of creativity. Roadkill is a very versatile band, and it isn’t so easy to define music genre that they cherish.

In its expression Alternative sound is predominant,  mixed with Metal vibe and of course Seatlle Grunge scene which is impossible to avoid. When you hear this band for the first time your first impression is similarity with cult band Block Out (Serbia) and ultra spectacular Deftones. Vocal expression of Dejan is very powerfull and soundlike Mita from Block Out and that’s a very positive fact. A concept of esoteric atmosphere is very present on this album but my personal belief is that the keyboards as an extra  instrument would give a new dimension to Roadkill, suggestion for a band! Songs are very versatile and rhythmic and they are very dynamically crafted. Riffs of roadkill can be very slow and atmospheric but they can be also high voltage, a true adrenaline bomb! Final words: Well done Roadkill, continue in the same manner! If You want to hear Raodkill the links are bellow:

Roadkill on Grooveshark and Roadkill free download


INTERVIEW with Dejan and Marko from Roadkill


Roadkill Novi GradBI: Can you present Roadkill in the few words?

Marko: Roadkill is a band from Novi Grad (Republic of Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina), founded in 2010. Current band members are: Dejan Palackovic – singer, Marko Medic – Guitars, Milos Vucen – Bass guitar and Nikola Vickovic – drumms.

BI: How does it look to be (an alternative) musician in the Balkans?

Marko: In the smaller communities it is very difficult due to the lack of infrastructure, equipped workshops, concert halls and the audience is getting smaller. In larger cities it is much easier.
Dejan: Ubiquitous depression in our country is a fertile ground for this kind of music. Inspiration isn’t problem, “difficult” topics are all around us!

BI: Is it wise to invest in music, in your dreams?

Dejan: It is always worthwhile to invest in yourself, there’s no other choice because if you’re not ready to believe in yourself no one else would. Music shapes our days, gives meaning to our lives, whether we listen or creating-music is the beginning and the end!

BI: How do you find strength and motivation? Do you have high expectations from the music?

Marko: Inspiration comes from the true love for music. The only goal is to make more appearances in as many cities as we can, so people can hear and see our musical vision.

Dejan: Music is our personal satisfaction. It is very hard to live as a profesional musician here but if any opportunity rises we will be prepared for it.

BI: If you have an opportunity to choose where to live, with whom to play in which decade of XX Century, what would be your choice?

Dejan: I would say North America in 60-70′s, but in my twenties, anywhere. Second choise is Seattle in 90′s.

Marko: Probably the American West: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles in the early nineties, the golden age of alternative rock.

BI: Your greatest masterminds?

Marko: Our musical role models are classi  bands: Doors, Pink Floyd, as well as some “modern” Deftones, Tool, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and EKV, Block Out, Possessed

Dejan: the Bible, the Torah, the Koran … just kidding! Inspiration is all around us and we just need to be able to rein and channel it correctly.

BI: The best and the worst moments?

Dejan: Abras Demo Fest in Mostar. (2012), where we were winners and they said “definitely refreshing to BH demo scene” and first place in Silvertown Shine Festival in Srebrenica (2013).

Marko: Gigs are part of the story. Traveling, socializing with people, interaction with the audience, the best part of dealing with music.

BI: And for the end can you tell me about the plans for the future?

Dejan: Festivals in the country and the region, creating new songs, we plan to do a video, make contacts and looking to play in as many cities … Hope to see you soon in your city!






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