Dacic: Serbia and Montenegro “two closest nations”

The Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic said yesterday in Montenegro`s capital Podgorica that Serbia and Montenegro were “two closest nations” and the all misunderstandings should be put aside.

The Serbian PM met yesterday with Montenegrin minister of police Rasko Konjevic, vice-president of the government of Montenegro Dusko Markovic and the Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic. Dacic also said that he “had connection” with Montenegrin PM Milo Djukanovic.

“In the two last decades the relations between Serbia and Montenegro were rather turbulent. I think it`s time to move on” said Dacic.

He added that Serbia respected every political choice made by Montenegrin citizens. He also underlined that Serbia “absolutely have no pretension over Montenegro”.

We respect Montenegro`s independence and we want to develope the closest relation between the two closest nations which is the interest of both Montenegro and Serbia“, said Dacic. He thinks that Serbia have legitimate right to be “interested” for position of Serbs who live in Montenegro.

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