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In recent history of Balkan’s music there is a girl, a woman who stands out and her name is Severina Vučković. Versatile by her nature, Severina was born almost 41 years ago in Croatia, and now her popularity, her voice crosses all boundaries. Today she is considered as one of the pop icons from Balkan.

Young Severina

Young Severina

How did it all begin?

She was only ten when she took her first steps on stage, in a musical show named “Frane Strapalo”. School pf music came as a natural choice for a beautiful girl with a talent. And so competitions, festivals and TV shows that came after that were steps ahead in making Severina one of the greatest stars in zounger generation of Croatia.

What is so special about Severina?

Some would say look, another would mention her charm and strong lyrics, but the fact is that Severina simply knows how to use things that are currently happening on our music scene and scene in general.

Everything that had happened so far to her would be enough for giving up, but in Severina’s case giving up is not an option. After scandal home video broadcasted in public she went even harder and showed that she has no plans to give up, brought her even more popularity.

She has published nine studio albums and a string of co-operation with various musical artists such as Arsen and Matija Dedic, Gibonni, Boris Novkovic, Sarr e Roma and many others.

One of the important points of her career is entering the Eurovision competition seven years ago with song named “Moja stikla” (My highheel). Here we bring you a translated part of the song, just for fun.

Severina performs on 2006 Eurovision song contest in Athens

For the grass has not yet sprouted
Where my high heel has stepped

(Come here, come here, come here)
Hop, hop, hop, hop
(Go, my chick)

Tick-tock, around half past two
You’ll pinch me, so that nobody can see it
I know them well, guys like you
The devils are your godfathers

Ring, ring, you’ll search for my number
Knock, knock, go knock somewhere else
(Darling, girl, come and tighten your socks)

For the grass has not yet sprouted
where my high heel has stepped

Severina NAcionale

Severina is also known for her good looks

Energy emitted by  “Moja stikla” was main thing when Severina decided to record a new album in collaboration with Goran Bregovic and Marina Tucakovic. “Zdravo Marijo” (Holy Mary) album was released in May of 2008. year and won the audience on the entire former Yugoslavia. In December of the same year she began touring the “Zdravo Marijo ” in the region. The tour started from Zagreb to its peak 17th October 2009. in a packed Belgrade Arena where Severina held concert in front of 20 000 people.

Croatian Catholic Church protested against such album title, so there was even an initiative for album not to appear in the sale. Nothing surprising, keeping in mind that the title song lyrics were, literally: “Hail Mary, thy will be done not to be an old maid without adventure / hallelujah / Pray, girls, and I pray, God give us more men than years.” For traditional church society, it was like pushing the finger in the eye. Among the first to turn against Severina was Father Anđelko Kacunko, who said that “Severina has sold her soul to the devil”.  Severina replied “Who is he to comment me? He is a fool and everyone in the church knows this, but he cannot help it. Either crop has darnel. Alternatively, I would wash his feet and wiped them with my hair, if only he was a little better looking. But this gentleman, unfortunately, is not preaching the principles of Jesus and his columns are proclaiming hate speech which bring only bad to the church.”

Severina Hail Mary

Severina is well known for her controversial album Zdravo Marijo

After four years of patient waiting the audience has finally met new album “Dobrodosao u klub” (Welcome to the club). That it was definitely worth the wait proved already first three hits (Brad Pitt, Grad bez ljudi and Italiana) which have more than 50 million views on YouTube. Song Italiana, Severina’s probably biggest hit, with more than 25 million YouTube views took over all regional clubs. Just a few weeks after release, the album became the best-selling in Croatia according to the official list of HDU.  However, 2012 was also successful for Severina privately. She became the mother of a small Alexandar, who was born on 20th February 2012.

With main desire to shock and thereby attract audiences, Severina has profited on her image as “sinner and rebel,” but occasionally contributed to a serious public discussion of difficult topics.

Now, as news can tell, she seems happy and calm, with two great roles in her life, being mother and a wife. And doing what she loves the most, singing.


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