Skopje, New Archeology Museum to house famous Macedonians

Alexander the Great figureAnnounced is the opening of a new Archeology museum in the capital, and for this purpose 15 wax life size figures are completed, among which Macedonian world conqueror Alexander the Great.

All wax figures were built in Russia, natural size, among them are Olympia, Phillip II, Aristotle, Flavius, Tsar Samuil, King Marko and others.

The wax figures and the museum itself will have state of the art protection system, following the latest trends.

Apart from the wax figures, there will be a copy of Alexander the Great sarcophage, thousands of unique archeological pieces, basilicas, artefacts dating back 3,000 years ago.

Source: MINA

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  • ResBalkanica

    “Famous Macedonians”???

    Alexander the Great, Phillip II, Olympia, Aristotle-The Greeks.

    Tsar Samuil-A legendary Bulgarian emperor.

    King Marko-Epic Serbian hero.

    Again, “Famous Macedonians”???? WTF?

    • Alexander The Great

      It is interesting how the fascists are so uneducated.

      • Tina Kirov

        you name it friend, intentional ignorance of our nation.

        • Alexander The Great

          Do not worry Tina. Our great nation is waking up from a dream.

          Our time has come.

          • Chevalier

            You could easily win the Kim Yong Il award for nationalistic/racial reverie. Your comment though is very interesting because it gives a clue as to the true identity of the new Makedonskis: “our nation”….The ex-YugoSLAVIANS share the same ethnic identity as the Russians…SLAVIC! Nothing to do with ancient Greeks….A Slav is a Slav is a Slav is a Slav.

          • Tina Kirov

            There is no such modern ethnic group as the ‘Slavs’ – ‘Slavs’ do not
            exist as an ethnic group in the modern world, any more than do Angles,
            Saxons, Franks, Gauls, Visigoths or Vikings. ‘Slavic’ is a linguistic,
            not an ethnic category. The Macedonians speak a Slavic language, and in
            that sense they are ‘Slavic’, just as the English and Dutch are
            ‘Germanic’ and the Italians and French are ‘Latin’. Greek nationalists
            demanding that the Macedonians call themselves ‘Slavs’ is like someone
            demanding that the English and Dutch call themselves ‘Germanics’ or that
            the Italians and French call themselves ‘Latins’. It is up to the
            Macedonians alone whether they feel their identity to be ‘Slavic’ or not
            – nobody else has the right to impose such an identity on them.

            Ironically, in terms of their genetic origins, non-Slavic-speaking
            Greece and Albania are more Slavic in their origins than the modern
            Macedonians and Bulgarians; spoken language is a very poor guide to
            ethnic origins.

          • Chevalier

            Wow! So apart from international relations you are now an expert on ethnology and history as well, Tina. Slavic is a linguistic branch which shows peoples’ place of origin just like Germanic etc and all the rest you have mentioned. In the Balkans, with the invasion of the Slavs the language and customs that prevailed in each place was according to the ethnic majority, despite the mixing that took place, so, countries that speak a Slavic language, I am afraid, are considered to be of a predominantly Slavic genetic heritage as well. The reason why the inhabitants of the Republic of Macedonian speak a Slavic language is because that is predominantly who their ancestors are and this is not on its own. Their customs are Slavic as well, their toponymics etc. Of course, other peoples that have gone past the area would have left their mark in some way but we are talking about “predominantly”. Where is the copy and paste from btw? Is there a standard propaganda manual where people can copy and paste comments on to forums? Some of the comments I’ve been reading by the Slav-Macedonians seem identical. It is not Greece that demands anyone to call themselves Slavic. It is linguists, historians and ethnologists that tells us that. Where I am people have no problem calling themselves Anglo-Saxon. My understanding is that they are proud of their ancestry and accept it whatever it is. There is no reason to be ashamed. And Viking is a way of life, not an ethnicity. Language is the no1 thing that archaeologists look for to determine the origins of an ancient people. This is what has given the answers with regards to the Hittites, some of the Pelasgians etc. And absence of written language is the reason why we are still not sure about the Illyrians and others. The identity of the Etruscans was confirmed only through genetic testing, again, because of the absence of written language. Where do you get it from that Greece and Albania are of Slavic genetic heritage any more than anything else? I am not aware of such a research?

          • Chevalier
          • Chevalier
          • Chevalier

            Enjoy your education outside of the Communist box, Tina:


        • Chevalier

          You need to read some history based on facts and archaeological finds as opposed to a conspiracy theory written by ex-Yugoslavia communists.

  • Chevalier

    Another museum of wishful thinking by a government determined to stay away from EU, NATO etc and into the arms of Russia, but dares not say it to its own people.

    • Alexander The Great

      Why are you so afraid of Russia? We’ll give you more money than the Germans. After all, we are aware that you Greeks are obedient puppies.

      Russia is back. The righteous shall be freed from the chains, and sinners shall suffer.

      • Chevalier

        We’re fans of democracy, freedom of expression, political accountability, fair elections/representation, respect for international law, respect for the neighbour. Russian bully down!

        • Alexander The Great

          “We’re fans of democracy, freedom of expression, political
          accountability, fair elections/representation, respect for international
          law, respect for the neighbour”

          The people of Iraq, Libya and Syria would certainly agree with that. The NATO has ruined their countries and their lives. The criminals of NATO are the greatest threat to peace, democracy and human rights.

          But relax, we know that Greece is unable to equip a single war helicopter. As I`ve already said, you Greeks are obedient puppies and you will serve us well.

          • Chevalier

            Well, if you think that NATO has done wrong in the past, I would think you would want to show the world that you are better than that as opposed to show that you are just as bad. 2 wrongs don’t make a right! But I can tell you nobody here cheats at the elections and those that have tried have been prosecuted. Thanks for posting though, as all of the Russian arrogance is coming through for everyone to see. That was exactly my experience from visiting Russia, with the exception of the old people that sell piroshky in the street and beg from the tourists. May be this is what Mr Putin needs to sort out first. And with Russian aircrafts having some of the poorest safety record in Europe I am not sure at all why you would want to discuss Greek helicopters at all.

          • Alexander The Great

            1. Was the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia-a mistake, too?

            2. When you beg for lower prices of Russian gas then Russia is not so bad. Hypocrisy. You should stand up, no one likes characterless beggars.

          • Chevalier

            Alexander the Not-So-Great, the purpose of my comment was to clarify the situation described in the article above. I do not intend to get into a conversation as to whether NATO/Russia is good or bad. People can make up their own minds with regards to that and decide where they want to go for themselves. It was the people that lived under the Soviet/Communist regime themselves that brought the system down and wanted to move away from it. And the majority of them are not happy to go back. Countries like the Republic of Macedonia that have not managed to integrate themselves in the international community are the ones that seem to be going back to Russia and this is not a coincidence. In order to enter the EU and NATO Mr Gruevski would have tackle his own corruption, the political persecution he is subjecting his political opponents to, free the judiciary etc. He has not done this in the last 20 years and is instead moving closer to a regime that is afflicted with the exact same issues and this has been reported in the press world-wide extensively. Obviously, if there is not a problem with moving back closer to Russia then Mr Gruevski needs to say this to his own people openly rather than sell this story that Greece is blocking his country from entering international organisations. He keeps saying this even when he is vetoed by Bulgaria and he is given negative reports by the US. So, really, your question “what are you afraid of the Russians” is one you need to pose to Mr Gruevski and his people. I am happy where I am and the Putin/Gruevski communist-style regime does not touch me or affect me in any way. I hope that clarifies things for you.

          • Alexander The Great

            You have not answered any of my questions.

            I really don`t give a fuck about your life in Greece. We do not discuss your personal life. Why would anyone waste time on your personal frustrations? If you open your eyes and face the truth, you will understand that communism, cenzorship and dictatorship live in Washington and Brussels today.

            But, hey, you can continue to live in your imaginary world. But stop begging for our gas.


          • Chevalier

            I live in the UK. And thanks for giving us a flavour of Russian attitude and manners. Proves my point further :-)

          • Alexander The Great

            Still without answers. Typical behavior of the NATO demagogues.

  • Tane

    This is how I see it. Today’s Greeks feel inferior in a world where they absolutely do not play any significant role. Therefore, they insist on connection with the ancient Greeks, although genetically they are unrelated to them. You know, the logic is quite clear:
    If we do not have the present and the future, at least we had a glorious past.

    That is why Greece is causing problems to Macedonia: the Greeks insist on the preservation of the myth and thus to preserve at least some national pride, even if it is the virtual one.

    • Chevalier

      Well, either you believe in self-determination or you don’t….The fact is that Greece has an official language derived from the ancient Greek dialects. But with regards to Greece creating issues for the FYROM, that is an old pill that nobody in the EU wants to hear about any more. It’s mainly meant for internal consumption. There is another article you can read on the right-handside. A comment from a Bulgarian MP.