Swingers beach in Rovinj

swinger beach RovinPunta Kriz is one of the beaches in Rovinj which foreign tourists did like very much. A reason: it was “love beach”, swingers gathered there and had sex. Until last month when their behavior was banned by local authorities.

A security service watches carefully the beach. The tourists and the owners of local restaurants, hotels and bars are very disappointed with this decision.

It is like in Iran now, we have Khomeini`s religious police here in Rovinj“, Zoran Medak, the owner of a beach bar complains.

Wendy Somer from Netherland thinks that the ban was totally unnecessary: “I don`t see any problem in fact that people want to make love on the beach. It is their individual will. There was not any prostitution here“.

If you still want to make love with other people on this beach you could end up in jail or get fined 200 euros for.

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    The latest developements at nudist beach in Rovinj – Croatia show that the local authorities along with catolic church activists claim the right to bann THE BASIC FREEDOM OF CHOICE WHICH IN FACT DOES NOT HURT OR BOTHER OTHERS IN ANY WAY. The moralising attempt shows lack of basic perception what swinging really stands for neglecting the fact that the same developements one can meet on the beeches of USA, France, Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Germany(Silt)etc. My message: LEAVE THE SWINGERS ALONE FOR THEY MEAN AND PRODUCE NO HARM WHATSOEVER TO ENYONE AROUND EXEPT CONSERVATIVE MORALISTS WHO DO NOT PRACTICE SEX!