Voices from the Balkans support action against Assad`s government

War in SyriaAlbanian Prime Minister-elect Edi Rama has expressed his support and the willingness of his government to help by any means the U.S. and its allies against the government in Damascus.

In a media appearance, Rama said that the new government will always be up to the allies who have always supported Albanians and will be on their side to respond to the extermination policy of chemical weapons.

“We will undoubtedly be alongside the U.S. military on every military battle front. Today we are one with them in the expression of revolt against the regime in Damascus. We fully agree that upon taking office in the new Parliament, we will be on the side of the Alliance to stand next to the Syrian people in this difficult moment for them. I’m confident that the Parliament will be unanimous,” Rama said.

The previous day, the outgoing Prime Minister Sali Berisha hailed the stance “of the U.S. and other allies against recent crimes against humanity committed through the use of chemical agents from the forces loyal to the president of Syria Bashar al-Assad“.

On the other hand, Dr. Solomon Passy, founder and President of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and former foreign minister thinks that Bulgaria should express support for the international coalition for action against Syria.

The situation in Syria has deteriorated to the extreme, so military action against Syria is necessary even in the absence of agreement at the UN Security Council,” Solomon Passy told the morning broadcast of Nova TV channel on Wednesday.

“Syrian people are exposed to the worst of threats possible and there remained no other way out of this situation except military intervention,” said Passy.

“But the fact that Bulgaria will participate in a military coalition would in no way put at risk its security. We can not have a leading role in this conflict, but we must be part of an active coalition.”

Passy warned that the country will be hit by a huge wave of refugees coming from Syria through Turkey.

The former foreign minister’s comments came just hours after US Vice President Joe Biden signaled that the United States – with its allies – was ready to act.

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