Wiretapping affair in Serbia: President Nikolic accusing the Ministry of Interior

Tomislav Nikolic Ivica Dacic wiretapping affair

Ivica Dacic and Tomislav Nikolic

Suspicions of wiretapping have created conflict between the President and Prime Minister of Serbia.

In a Monday statement, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic expressed dissatisfaction with the work of Prime Minister and the Interior Minister Ivica Dacic, stressing that the Ministry of Interior was doing a poor job of taking care of his security.

Nikolic, as cited by B92, insisted that his security was being sabotaged and that his communications were still being wiretapped secretly.

Dacic denied Nikolic’s allegations about the secret eavesdropping and assured that no state authorities were wiretapping the Serbian President.

Nikolic’s office informed that the number of security guards had been increased as soon as the suspicions of wiretapping had emerged.

The President’s office is reportedly inaccessible to anyone carrying a mobile phone, according to reports of Bulgarian Sega daily.

Nikolic is said to have returned his official car and to be using his personal car for security reasons.

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