Zeljka Cvijanovic new Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska

Željka Cvijanović, first female PM in Republic of Srpska

After the Aleksandar Džombić, ex Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska (RS) had resigned in last month the National Assembly of RS  elected a new RS government led by Željka Cvijanović today. 

Mrs. Cvijanović was minister of economic relations and regional cooperation in Džombić` government. Mrs. Cvijanović (46) is professor of English and she is considered as one of the closest contributors of president of Srpska Milorad Dodik.

Most of ministers from Džombić government will continue their work in the new executive cabinet but there are some new faces, like Radislav Jovičić (minister of police), Igor Vidović (minister of economic relations and regional cooperation), Maida Ibrišagić-Hrstić (minister of trade and tourism), Stevo Mirjanić (minister of agriculture), Goran Mutabdžija (minister of education and culture) and Slobodan Stanić (minister of health and social care).

In her expose Mrs. Cvijanović said that the main goal of the new government would be preservation of constitutional position and competencies of Republic of Srpska within Bosnia and Herzegovina. Together with this goal Mrs. Cvijanović underlined the importance of EU integrations of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The goals of new government will also be regional cooperation, economic development, the rule of law, increasing employment and creating better business enviroment in Republic of Srpska.

Mrs. Cvijanović underlined that new government would be “completely ready to reduce public spending in favor of private business. “Still, we won`t spend public money to save bad business and losses of companies”, said Cvijanović.

Mrs. Cvijanović also announced reforms in education, health and social system that should improve total economical and social balance in Republic of Srpska. The investments in infrastructure remain to be priority of new RS government.

She thinks that energetics is key resource of Republic of Srpska.

President of Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik said that he expected new government to be “closer to the people“.

“That is our goal. We see new PM as a ideal choice to do this task”, said Dodik.

On the other hand, opposition parties consider new government just as the extension of bad policy of ex government. Vukota Govedarica, MP from Serbian Democratic Party (SDS), thinks that new government will not be any better than the old one. “Only Milorad Dodik is happy with this government“, said Govedarica. Zoran Djerić from Party of Democratic Progress (PDP) also doesn`t believe that the new government could make anything good for RS. “It is obvious that the new government has absolutely no vision”, said Djerić.

Despite the critics from opposition parties, Cvijanović has comfortable parliamentary majority in the National Assembly of RS. Together with the major party, Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), the party of PM Cvijanović, in the new RS government will also participate Socialist Party (SP) and Democratic People Union (DNS).

Željka Cvijanović is the first female PM in the history of Republic of Srpska.




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