Zeljka Cvijanovic, Republika Srpska, marketing and BBC

Zeljka Cvijanovic Hard Talk BBCWe were pretty shocked this morning when we saw that the article about Mrs. Zeljka Cvijanovic, the prime minister of Republika Srpska, was really widely read in the last couple of hours. You know, people kept googling “Zeljka Cvijanovic“, “Zeljka Cvijanovic prime minister” and so on.

We were confused. Why would people from Indonesia, Singapore, UK, Belgium, South Africa, Germany, Hong Kong…want to read an article that was published almost a year ago? Besides, it is about Republika Srpska`s prime minister: no offense, but that’s not really important global issue.

Then we saw yesterday`s news.

Mrs. Cvijanovic yesterday was a guest at the BBC TV show Hard Talk. Pretty much a big deal when you`re from the Balkans, Republika Srpska especially. And guess what? People wanted to know more about her after they watched the show.

People from the Balkans often think that they are the very center of the world. Serbs even have a saying “speak Serbian so everyone in the world can understand you“. They do not understand the importance of global communication and mass media. Therefore, the image of them in the world is created by others, not by themselves.

Zeljka Cvijanovic google searchOn the other hand, local governments really don`t understand the importance of internet. Why did so much people come this morning to Balkan Inside to read about Mrs. Cvijanovic? The reason is obvious: our article about her is one of the first when you google “Zeljka Cvijanovic prime minister“. Actually, it is the second one, the first one is a wikipedia article about her, and the third one is…well, you already guess.

But, who would bother with all these internet tools, keywords, blogging in English, communication with people using social media..When you are an official of some Balkan government, just use the public media of your own country-this would solve all the problems and everyone in the world would know about your policy and goals.

Local governments spend huge amount of money for marketing, even in comparison with the rich European countries. However, it is of no particular benefit because the money is being spent on nonsense. If you run a government in the Balkans and you want to attract serious global attention-then stop give your money to irrelevant local media or your party`s so called “marketing experts” and spend all your marketing budget for serious global media.

Still, there is a catch. Serious global media means serious journalists, as well. You know, it means that you`re not talking to some chicken journalist who is impressed with the fact that you are A PRIME MINISTER. So, the journalists from this serious media can destroy you if you`re not good enough or you do not do your job properly.

Knowing how the Balkan governments do their job maybe it is better for them to avoid large global media.

After all, everyone knows Serbian.


None of the Republika Srpska`s government officials in charge of public relations did not share a video or transcript of the Hard Talk show.

Well done, boys and girls.

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    “the Republic of Srpska” would be correct English, I hope you agree.